Solar Power - Advantages, Disadvantages and Possibilities of Use

Solar power in Orange County is all the rage in the media and in homes. As an alternative to polluting coal-fired electricity and controversial nuclear electricity, solar energy is one of the main types of green energy. Here you can learn what sunlight energy is, its advantages and disadvantages, how to use it, how much it cost and how you can get your own solar energy through our solar company.

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What is Solar Power Exactly?

Solar energy, also called solar electricity, refers to the energy of solar radiation used by people in the home or industry. The energy can be used in the form of electric current, as heat or also as chemical energy.

Sunlight energy is therefore solar energy stored in the form of electricity. The conversion of the sun's rays into electricity is done by the technology "photovoltaic". Solar in Orange County can now be found even in every village on rooftops or outdoors. The solar panels installed in the photovoltaic systems are responsible for the generation of electricity. The photons from the sun's rays release electrons in the material of the solar cell, which then flow as a direct current through the wiring of the systems.  

This direct current then flows to the inverter, where it is converted into alternating current. Only then can it be used and fed into the public power grid. From the inverter, the electricity runs through an electricity meter into the household power grid.

Why Use Solar Power? - The Advantages:


Since the sun has an enormously long life span, its energy is almost inexhaustible. Of course, it is not completely inexhaustible, because at some point every star and every sun will burn out. But that will probably take another five billion years. Until then, the sun will provide us and millions of future generations with free energy every day and help to save cost and tax credit.

Environmentally Friendly

The use of renewable energy does not emit particles or CO2. Even more, solar plants have a long life span and a positive ecological balance after a very short use.

Lower or No Electricity Bill

It doesn't matter if you meet all or part of your energy needs with renewable energy. Producing your own electricity often saves you a lot of money and federal tax. When you buy a solar system, there are of course initial costs, but these pay for themselves after a few years. If you rent your solar system, the initial costs are eliminated and you start benefiting from your system from day one.

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Increase Their Property Value Through Solar Installation.

If you are moving and want to sell your Orange County California home, having solar increases the value of the home. While some may have their solar systems and solar panels removed and reinstalled on their new home, sometimes PV systems don't fit perfectly on the new roof or the expense isn't worth it. In this case, homeowners still benefit because homes with solar panels are more valuable and highly sought after.

What Are The Ways to Use Sunlight Energy?

Sunpower can be used throughout the home - whether it's a computer, refrigerator, hot tub, lights, heat pump or infrared heater. Everything can be powered by California best solar electricity. The only thing you need is a PV system. Once installed, you will produce your own electricity for 20 to 30 years. You will not only benefit financially, but also gain independence and protect the environment.

Storing Solar

One challenge in the application and use of California solar energy is that the sun does not shine 24 hours a day. In order to be able to use the electricity produced by Solar Panel during the day at night, electricity storage systems are used.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different electricity storage devices. However, the most popular solar energy storage devices are classic solar batteries or accumulators. These allow excess electricity to be stored when the sun shines, so that it can then be used later.

Feeding Solar

If you do not use an electricity storage system or if your storage system is already full, the surplus of green electricity produced is fed into the grid. For this, you receive compensation from the grid operator. So you can not only reduce your own electricity bill with renewable energy, but even earn extra money.

In 5 Steps to Your Own Solar Power

If you want to produce and use your own Solar power in Orange CountyCalifornia you have two options: While in the past you could only buy a solar systems, nowadays renting is also possible.

If you want to rent or buy a solar system, you can simply call us. In the next step, you will receive a non-binding (and free) consultation from our solar experts. Here you will find out if renting a solar system is profitable for you. By means of 3D simulation you will also get a preview of your house with PV systems. If all factors fit, you will receive an individual offer.

For the planning, our solar engineers will come to you personally. This way, all special features can be examined in detail and, if necessary, adjustments can be made. This is followed by installation and commissioning. We are at your side during the entire process and take care of the complete coordination of craftsmen and solar technicians.

So you can relax while we take care of all the steps for you. Even after installation, we will take care of everything. We provide maintenance and repair as well as insurance and warranty to every customer. In the free offer, all installations come standard with solar energy storage. In this way, in addition to the financial advantage, you also achieve a higher degree of self-sufficiency and gain independence.

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