Is My Residential Buildings In Orange County Suitable For Solar?

Even before you start looking into financing a solar system, as a homeowner you are probably wondering if you can install a solar system on your Orange County residence. Having a solar system on your own roof obviously offers many advantages. Especially in recent years, more and more people have opted for solar on their own homes. In order for a solar system to be able to optimally convert solar energy into electricity, there are only a few prerequisites nowadays. Whether your house is also suitable for a solar system? We tell you if and when a solar is really worthwhile.

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The Most Important Requirements For A Solar Installation On Your Residential Building In Orange

As a rule, almost every household can use solar panels to generate electricity. The only question is how to get the most benefit from solar energy. Among the most important factors to get the maximum benefit from the solar panels are the size of the roof, its nature, as well as its shading.

In order for you to produce and use your own electricity in the best possible way, we answer the following questions:

  • What must the roof orientation and pitch be?
  • How big does the roof have to be for a solar systems?
  • What are the requirements for the power connections?


What Must Be The Roof Orientation And Pitch?

The roof orientation and the structural conditions of the house play an important role for Solar. In general, a gable roof with a south, west or east orientation and a slope of 30-45 degrees is perfect for solar panel. As a rule, only purely north-facing roofs are not suitable for solar. East/west roofs, if optimized for self-consumption, are even more usable than south roofs. Among other things, this is made possible by special solar modules. In general, the modules have been technically optimized in recent years and enable almost every homeowner to produce their own electricity. For an optimal result we always recommend you to get the opinion of an expert. With us, you always have the option torequest a consultation on orange county solar. Give us a call!

Roof pitch is another factor in efficient use of solar power. Ideally, the pitch of your roof should be between 30 and 45 degrees. At this inclination, the home solar can absorb the most solar energy. If the slope of your roof is steeper or flatter, the expected yield will decrease, but this can be increased by using special modules. Whether the slope of your roof is suitable for a systems or not should always be checked by a professional.

Schedule a personal consultation with our solar company today to find out if your roof is suitable for a system!

How Big Does The Roof Need To Be For A Solar Installation?

The roof area ultimately determines how many solar modules can be installed on the roof. The larger the area, the more modules can be installed. Nowadays, however, the modules are highly efficient and allow a large energy production even on smaller roof areas. Thus, nowadays a photovoltaic systems can be installed on almost any roof.

In order to determine the roof area that can be occupied, the size and shape of the roof with all possible shading and interfering surfaces, the chimney and antennas or satellite dishes are taken into account. Once you have determined the area of the roof, it can be determined how many modules can be placed on the roof. There is no such thing as a roof that is too large or too small, as we always base the size of the system on your own power consumption and the capabilities of the building. Therefore, let an expert advise you. Our specialists will take a look at your house on site. Then, together with you, we will find the optimal solution for best solar for your home.

Due to the fact that there are more than 300 days of sunshine in California, especially in Southern California, a solar investment for your property will save you a lot of work and money. Ideal conditions for Residential solar in Orange County!

What Are The Requirements For The Power Connections?

Usually there are no special measures, because every house has a suitable power connection. We only check whether the house technology is up to date with the current VDE standards in order to be able to carry out the photovoltaic system installation. If this is not the case, our team will take care of updating the technical requirements. You will be informed about every step in advance during the personal consultation, in case your technology needs to be updated.

Feel free to request a personal consultation with us if you now feel like producing your own solar power and switching to renewable energy. We take time for you personally and check whether your house is suitable for a photovoltaic system!

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