Solar Water Heater In Orange County Saves You 40 Percent On Your Annual Hot Water Bills

Based on current energy prices, the average household can save over 40 percent on their annual hot water bills by installing a solar water heater in Orange County. In California, a solar water heater can be paid off in just a few years, and from then on, it's money in your pocket ... And kinder to the world we leave for our children.

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Solar Water Heaters has the BEST solar hot water systems to fit your home:

  • Tankless hot water for general home use
  • Radiant heating
  • Demand controlled hot water
  • Hot tubs
  • Swimming pools
  • Recreational properties

These can all be heated with our system, even on cloudy days. Our solar water heaters are the BEST because they are the best value on the market. They work as well or better than more expensive systems. There are no complicated controls, switches or pumps. Just install a Best Solar Water Heater and let it work for you! Enjoy the benefits. It's so simple. It's genius! Best Solar Water Heaters are a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to harness the sun's energy to meet the energy needs of homes and businesses.

  • Water Heaters tankless available in most areas
  • Professional Heater Installation
  • Low investment - high return

Water heater installation usually pays for itself within 3 to 5 years. After that, you can apply those savings to your other energy bills or take a fabulous vacation ... in the sun! As a smart homeowner, you can increase the value of your home while enjoying the benefits of low-cost Heaters tankless water. Up to 50% of your energy bill is used to heat water.
Installing a solar water heating system may be the most cost-effective way an individual or family can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while lowering your utility bills.

How Solar Water Heater works

Our evacuated (vacuum) tube systems are available in two main types: metal tubes or glass conductors, both contained within an evacuated outer glass tube. In both cases, the inner glass tube has a special coating that absorbs solar energy. Heat is retained due to the insulating property of the vacuum, which functions much like a thermos. The vacuum is such a good insulator that the inner tube or pipe can be 150 degrees Celsius hot, but the outside feels cold, only the top is hot. The copper tube system has a slightly higher efficiency than the glass because of the greater conductivity of the metal.

Both the metal and glass conductor systems contain a small amount of glycol, which evaporates at a relatively low temperature and carries the heat into the insulated header tank. There it condenses and returns in a cycle that continues as long as the sun shines, even on relatively cloudy days and regardless of the outside temperature. It is this change of state from liquid to vapor and back that gives tube collectors such high efficiency (estimated to be 40% better than flat plate collectors). And since there is no water in the tubes, there is no risk of freezing or leakage.

The unit acts as a preheater for the main water tank. Cold water is piped from the main supply to the solar heating preheater tank; heated water flows back to the main hot water tank. No pumps or electrical controls are required. The pipes are normally routed through the cavities of the house wall, although they can run outside the building if properly insulated. Although the unit is usually roof-mounted, it can be installed anywhere on the property for optimal solar exposure.

Solar water heaters ... Big savings for you!

A family of three from Orange, CA installed a Solar Water Heater this summer. After 9 months, they had saved over $450 on their water bill compared to the previous year.


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