Commercial buildings offer ideal opportunities for solar installation in Orange County. They can increase property value and business figures without the need for permanent investment - apart from installation and usually low maintenance costs. A major advantage is that they can exploit economies of scale. Components such as inverters or wiring must be installed with every stationary PV system. However, the more solar modules that can be installed on the roof, the lower the percentage increase in total costs: 100 modules yield more than 10. However, a thorough examination is required, as the halls may have less load-bearing roofs due to their design, or there may be other structural restrictions that pose special challenges for an installation.

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Another advantage for commercial operators is that using the energy themselves can reduce their own electricity bills. In addition, the fit is better than with private buildings: While the latter are often occupied primarily in the evenings and at night and thus have higher electricity consumption when the sun is not shining, work is done in industrial halls during the day - precisely when the energy yield is particularly high. If the electricity is not consumed by the company itself, but is fed into the public grid, it must be remembered that the feed-in tariff for large systems is up to around three cents per kilowatt hour lower than for small systems, such as those installed on single-family homes.

Solar System For Large Roof Area For Own Or Third-Party Use.

Nevertheless, the use of roof space is worthwhile for tradesmen in many cases. With the above-mentioned economies of scale and the continuing fall in prices for solar modules, the disadvantage of lower feed-in tariffs is quickly offset. This is also shown by the fact that a separate rental market has now emerged around roof areas of large, commercially used buildings. This possibly reduces the own yield a little bit, but the landlord has to take care of only few technical things.

Solar power For The Farmer In Orange County

Farmers play a special role in the energy transition. On the one hand, their choice of cultivation methods and the way they handle their fields, livestock and cultivated plants are some of the factors that determine society's overall energy balance. On the other hand, stables or agricultural warehouses sometimes do not meet the static and structural requirements for the installation of a PV system. On the other hand, farmers have large open spaces that are hardly shaded or not shaded at all. They can possibly also be used for photovoltaics - possibly even without having to forego the field yield.

First calculate, then plan solar on commercial building

Still, all that glitters is not gold. For example, it doesn't make sense to size the solar array on a commercial roof in Orange County smaller to maximize self-consumption. It's better to fully occupy rooftops. The reason: large systems are less expensive per kilowatt installed, making them just as profitable as small systems. They are also a better hedge against rising electricity prices because they cover a higher proportion of local electricity demand.

However, caution is currently advised with electricity storage systems, just as in the private sector. They can be useful, but are still quite expensive. It can be assumed that prices, similar to those of solar modules, will move permanently downward as they become more widespread. It is advisable to go over the plans for building a system with us. We are not only familiar with the subject matter, but also know the current market developments.

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