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Photovoltaic or pv modules are mounted in a different way by a Local Solar Companies in Garden Grove CA depending on the devices: on rails above the tiles, on an underlayment or a secured framework. The frames here are normally constructed from zinc, plastic or lead. Discover various installment approaches for solar panels.

Kinds of installation of photovoltaic or pv systems

Photovoltaic panels are mainly set up by Local Solar Companies in Garden Grove CA on roofs (inclination of 30 to 35 degrees as well as facing south if feasible). The setup of solar panels permits the production of power, their installment differs depending on the kind. The solar panels have to be selected with certain care and also according to certain standards, which can be identified during a demands analysis.


To install solar panels, it is vital that you are acquainted with functioning at elevation as well as roofing job, and be able to secure a roofing to stop leakages. A great physical condition is also called for to work on a roofing system and also raise the photovoltaic panels.

Installation of a PV system in 5 steps

1. cover the roofing system at the installment website of the solar system

Clear a location a little larger than the panels to be set up of the roof covering tiles. Once this procedure is completed, your roofing will have an opening: after cautious preparation, the solar panels will certainly be placed there.

Cover the roofing system with safety handwear covers, as the tiles have sharp sides as well as can wound your hands. Any type of treatment on the roofing should be made with a loss protection system (loss defense net or safety line with harness). When covering at the ridge, be careful not to ruin the ridge floor tiles or half roof battens (do not step near them and also raise the floor tiles meticulously).

If your roofing does not have roof battens (roof truss on a yard/farmhouse), do not walk in the middle of the battens or on the sub-roof board, because there is a severe threat of falling.

2. setup of the bordering by a 92841 92804 Garden Grove Local Solar Companies.

The edging consists of adapters between the covering materials of your roof, in your situation roofing tiles or slate tiles, as well as the numerous components that stick out from the roof, in this situation the solar panels as well as their fasteners. There are flashings that are ideal for all roof ceramic tiles, while they are also offered in various forms and shades.

Setup of the bordering sheet contains attaching with screws to the existing roof covering battens or added wood battens. Making use of a screwdriver and a tape measure is necessary to take the precise dimensions. The hooks are also affixed with screws.

If essential, add a roofing system batten the length of the panels behind the first row of roof covering ceramic tiles. The bordering can be plastic and also supplied with the package, or it can be a lead tape that is unrolled on the previously set up roofing batten as well as the very first row of roof covering ceramic tiles. The lead tape, which can be shaped by hand, adapts to the shape of the roofing system ceramic tiles.

3. installment of the underlayment or waterproofing system.

Installment of the underlay

When roof covering, a sub-roof have to be set up by a Local Solar Companies in Garden Grove CA. The latter contains a technological plastic film, the function of which is to develop a not closed yet water resistant barrier. When installing this underlayment, it is advised to create an air space between this vapor obstacle and also the roof truss, if necessary, to avoid mold and mildew (the movie is usually stapled on the typical truss). If this is not possible as well as it is on top of the thermal insulation, choose a film with high water vapor leaks in the structure, which enables vapor to run away and also decreases the risk of condensation in the insulation complicated. If condensation forms in the thermal insulation, it will certainly be less reliable and also might also rot. The film must be installed overlapped as well as gotten in touch with adhesive tape, which are advised by the manufacturer for this feature.

Setup of the waterproofing system

Relying on the setup, the solar panels may rest on an adaptable plastic waterproofing system that is installed on the roof covering (an inflexible base of boards is called for here). These waterproofing systems are screwed to the roofing battens and/or the wooden battens at the area of the panels

4. installation of the panels and rails.

The rails should be strongly linked to the rafters with hooks (use a screwdriver and ideal screws). Photovoltaic panel are hefty as well as are especially immune to wind. Facility forms may call for some adjustments to fit specific roofing floor tiles as well as permit add-on through the cover. Complete treatment is no longer essential, as the rail framework is located above the cover.

It is particularly crucial to keep the optimum distance between two rails advised by the supplier, as well as the maximum range in between two bolts to the rafters. If the rails are not long enough or need to be gone across, tabs are readily available in addition to various other adapters. Note that some photovoltaic panels may revolve a quarter turn because their long side is vertical. It might likewise be essential to set up the rails up and down. The panels are then attached to the rails with hooks or screws. When all the panels remain in place, you can repair the top flashing and replace the missing out on roofing system tiles or slate tiles. When installing solar panels on a waterproofing system, the support rails can be set up directly on the top.

5. setup of the existing transformer with the network

The inverter is an electronic device that transforms from a Local Solar Companies in 92844 Garden Grove the unpredictable straight existing at the output of photovoltaic panels right into an alternating current of 220 V and a regularity of 50 Hz (most typically represented in the electricity network). This inverter is attached, on the one hand, to the panels and also, on the other hand, to the intake meter located at the head of all the power generation devices attached to the grid. For this action, it is important to have the ability to review an electrical diagram properly.

Two panels with the same attributes are connected in collection when the positive (+) terminal of one is attached to the adverse (-) terminal of the other; their voltages then add up. If each panel creates a voltage of 12 V, the two panels in series will generate a voltage of 24 V.

Two 12 V panels produce a generate voltage utmost 24 V. Be mindful when linking 2 groups of panels in collection in parallel: the voltages of each team should be similar to maintain the panels as well as maximize their manufacturing.

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