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Solar modules are installed in different ways by a Solar Panels Installation Companies in Costa Mesa CA depending upon the accessories: on rails above the ceramic tiles, on an underlayment or a secured framework. The structures here are generally made of zinc, lead or plastic. Discover different setup techniques for photovoltaic panels.

Sorts of installation of photovoltaic or pv systems

Photovoltaic or pv panels are mostly set up by Solar Panels Installation Companies in Costa Mesa CA on roof coverings (inclination of 30 to 35 levels as well as facing southern when possible). Their attaching systems are different and can as a result be mounted more or less conveniently. It is likewise necessary to take into account the accessories needed, the period of the work, the necessary knowledge as well as safety and security preventative measures, as well as the tools needed for installment. From the rails that are mounted over the trusses or tiles, to the installment of a waterproofing system or roof underlayment, the expense differs significantly. The installment of photovoltaic panels enables the production of power, their installation varies relying on the kind. The solar panels must be selected with certain treatment and also according to certain requirements, which can be established throughout a needs evaluation.


To set up photovoltaic panels, it is essential that you are familiar with working at height and roofing job, as well as have the ability to secure a roof to prevent leakages. You require to make sure the panels are well safeguarded to withstand high winds and also serious climate by mounting hooks, rails, trusses and even battens. Other demands include: being able to correctly read a manual and also electrical wiring representation, functioning merged (electrical tampering), having the ability to connect an inverter and also install, being able to connect and also connect electric cable televisions to the wall surface, having the ability to use a drill and also a round saw. Relying on the photovoltaic panel and also the matching placing technique, you might need to set up a sub-roof membrane or a waterproofing system (in the first case by adding, in the 2nd situation by screwing). An excellent physical condition is additionally required to work on a roof and also raise the photovoltaic or pv panels.

Setup of a PV system in 5 steps

1. cover the roof at the installation site of the planetary system

There are 2 various cases. You require to partially eliminate them if the roof is covered with roof ceramic tiles or slate roof shingles. Begin by determining the specific installation area where you intend to set up the solar panels. Clear an area somewhat larger than the panels to be installed of the roofing system tiles. Once this process is completed, your roof will have a hole: after cautious preparation, the solar panels will be put there.

Cover the roofing with protective gloves, as the floor tiles have sharp sides and can wound your hands. Any kind of treatment on the roofing have to be performed with a loss security system (autumn security internet or security line with harness). When covering at the ridge, be careful not to damage the ridge ceramic tiles or fifty percent roofing system battens (do not step near them as well as lift the floor tiles very carefully).

If your roof covering does not have roofing battens (roof truss on a yard/farmhouse), do not walk in the middle of the battens or on the sub-roof board, since there is a severe danger of dropping.

2. setup of the edging by a 92628 92628 Costa Mesa Solar Panels Installation Companies.

The edging consists of connectors between the covering materials of your roofing, in your case roofing tiles or slate shingles, and also the various components that extend from the roofing, in this instance the solar panels and also their fasteners. There are flashings that are ideal for all roof covering floor tiles, while they are also available in various shapes and also colors.

Setup of the edging sheet consists of fastening with screws to the existing roof covering battens or extra wood battens. Making use of a screwdriver as well as a tape procedure is needed to take the exact measurements. The hooks are additionally attached with screws.

If essential, include a roof covering batten the size of the panels behind the initial row of roof covering floor tiles. The bordering can be plastic as well as provided with the kit, or it can be a lead tape that is unrolled on the previously set up roof batten and also the very first row of roof covering floor tiles. The lead tape, which can be shaped by hand, adapts to the form of the roofing system tiles.

3. setup of the underlayment or waterproofing system.

Installation of the rug

When roof, a sub-roof need to be installed by a Solar Panels Installation Companies in Costa Mesa CA. The latter includes a technological plastic movie, the function of which is to develop a water resistant yet not closed barrier. When mounting this underlayment, it is suggested to develop an air space in between this vapor obstacle as well as the roofing truss, if needed, to avoid mold and mildew (the film is generally stapled on the typical truss). If this is not feasible and also it gets on top of the thermal insulation, select a movie with high water vapor leaks in the structure, which enables vapor to get away and also lowers the risk of condensation in the insulation complicated. If condensation kinds in the thermal insulation, it will certainly be less efficient and also might also rot. The film has to be installed overlapped and also connected with adhesive tape, which are recommended by the manufacturer for this feature.

Installation of the waterproofing system

Depending upon the installation, the photovoltaic panels may rest on a flexible plastic waterproofing system that is mounted on the roof covering (a stiff base of boards is needed here). These waterproofing systems are screwed to the roofing system battens and/or the wooden battens at the area of the panels

4. installation of the panels as well as rails.

The rails need to be strongly connected to the rafters with hooks (use a screwdriver and also suitable screws). Solar panels are heavy as well as are especially immune to wind. Complex shapes might call for some modifications to fit particular roofing tiles as well as enable add-on via the cover. Full covering is no longer required, as the rail structure is located above the cover.

It is especially essential to keep the maximum range between two rails recommended by the manufacturer, along with the optimum distance in between 2 bolts to the rafters. If the rails are not long sufficient or need to be gone across, tabs are offered as well as other adapters. Note that some photovoltaic panels might turn a quarter turn since their lengthy side is vertical. It may likewise be required to install the rails up and down. The panels are after that affixed to the rails with bolts or hooks. As soon as all the panels are in location, you can repair the top flashing and also replace the missing roof covering tiles or slate shingles. When mounting photovoltaic panels on a waterproofing system, the assistance rails can be installed straight ahead.

5. installation of the existing transformer with the network

The inverter is an electronic tool that transforms from a Solar Panels Installation Companies in 92626 Costa Mesa the unstable straight current at the outcome of solar panels right into an alternating current of 220 V and a regularity of 50 Hz (most frequently stood for in the electricity network). This inverter is attached, on the one hand, to the panels and, on the other hand, to the usage meter located at the head of all the power generation systems connected to the grid. For this step, it is essential to be able to read an electric representation properly.

Some panels need to be connected in series, others in parallel, to get values of voltage and intensity around in the series of the nominal values gotten out of the inverter to extend its life. 2 panels with identical features are attached in collection when the positive (+) terminal of one is linked to the negative (-) terminal of the other; their voltages after that build up. If each panel creates a voltage of 12 V, the two panels in collection will certainly create a voltage of 24 V.

2 12 V panels produce an ultimate voltage of 24 V. If you link the terminals with the very same polarity, the panels will be attached in parallel. This plan produces a voltage of 12 V, however the intensity generated is the amount of the intensity generated by each panel. Beware when linking two groups of panels in series in parallel: the voltages of each team need to be identical to protect the panels and also optimize their production.

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